3 Tips For Preparing A Breakable Item For Shipping

Whether you’re shipping something for your business or a personal item, if the thing that you’re going to be putting in the mail is breakable, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve properly prepared the item so that it can arrive at the prescribed destination no worse for the wear.

To help you learn how to best do this, here are three tips for preparing a breakable item for shipping.

Start With The Right Box

Once you have the item or items that you’re going to be shipping, you’ll want to make sure that you get the right box for the item to be shipped in. The box plays a big role in how safe your item will be when it’s in transit, as the box is the main form of protection between the item and the outside world.

Ideally, you should choose a box that’s a pretty close fit to the size of the item. This way, there won’t be a lot of extra space in the box for the item to move around too much and potentially crash into the sides to cause damage. Additionally, you should choose a box that’s made of sturdy materials and won’t easily be crushed or ripped open, as either of these things can damage the item inside of the box as well.

Get Something Fitted To The Item

Depending on how breakable the item is that you’ll be shipping, you may not want to put it just straight into the box all on its own. Rather, you may want to spend some time finding another layer of protection that you can place around the item to give it added cushioning.

When doing this, you should try to find something that can be fitted very closely to the item itself. This might include a plastic or styrofoam mold that is the precise specifications of the size of the item. This can help to hold the item in place in the box so that the item itself isn’t touching the side of the box or anything else that could cause it any harm or damage.

Fill In The Extra Space

Once you have the item set in the right box with something around it to protect it, you’ll also want to fill in any extra empty space with other packing materials. You could use anything from paper to air filled bags to packing peanuts. Anything that’s going to fill the space so that everything inside the box doesn’t move around at all will do the trick for making your item as secure as possible when preparing the package for shipping.

If you have a breakable item that you’re going to be shipping, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you get this item ready for safe shipping.

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