How To Compare an Online Homeschool Curriculum

Starting your homeschooling journey opens up a world of possibilities, especially with the myriad online curriculum options. However, the task of comparing them can be overwhelming. Fear not, as we break down this process into easy-to-understand elements, empowering you to make an informed decision for your child’s education.

Let’s take a look to help you compare your options.

Flexibility in Learning Styles

When evaluating online platforms like Compass Classroom and Acellus Academy, consider how well they accommodate diverse learning styles. Interactive videos cater to visual learners, while virtual labs and interactive exercises engage hands-on learners more. The flexibility to adapt to your child’s preferred learning style enhances the overall educational experience.

Adaptive Learning Technologies

The use of adaptive learning tools is another aspect to explore. Programs like Acellus stand out by tailoring content based on a student’s progress. This dynamic approach ensures a personalized learning journey, allowing your child to progress at their own pace and grasp concepts thoroughly.

Access to Resources

A curriculum’s rich resources can contribute significantly to your child’s understanding of subjects. Platforms like Veritas Press and Schoolhouse Teachers provide access to virtual museums, online forums, and reference materials.

A comprehensive array of resources enhances the depth and engagement of the learning experience.

Self-Paced Learning

One of the standout advantages of online homeschool programs is the flexibility of self-paced learning. Whether using Khan Academy or Easy Peasy All-in-One, children can take as much time as they need to comprehend concepts before moving forward.

This autonomy fosters a sense of responsibility and allows a more profound exploration of areas of interest.

Real-time Feedback and Progress Tracking

Prioritize programs that offer instant assessment feedback and real-time progress tracking, such as Time4Learning. These features empower parents to closely monitor their child’s achievements and identify areas needing attention. Timely intervention becomes possible, ensuring a proactive approach to your child’s education.

Accreditation Consideration

For families placing importance on accreditation, explore Acellus Academy Reviews or BJU Press is crucial. These programs provide certified and structured educational experiences, aligning with more traditional school standards. Accredited curricula offer a recognized and certified educational path, ensuring your child’s academic achievements are acknowledged.

Christian and Secular Options

Homeschooling curriculum programs offer both Christian and non-Christian curriculum options.

Christian homeschool curricula integrate gospel-centered teachings into various subjects, ensuring alignment with family faith values. Explicitly, the Christian homeschool curriculum teaches that Jesus offers forgiveness and peace with God to all men who repent and turn to Jesus for salvation.Christian programs weave biblical principles and gospel-centered ideas into subjects like history, science, and literature, fostering academic excellence and spiritual growth.

In contrast, non-Christian homeschool curriculum takes a more secular approach, providing a well-rounded education without explicit ties to any specific religious doctrine.

These curricula focus on standard academic guidelines devoid of Jesus.

Ultimately, the decision between Christian and non-Christian homeschooling depends on individual family values, with each option aiming to create an educational environment that suits various families.

Examples from Each Curriculum

Let’s look at the various options for online homeschool curricula below.

Online Curriculum Options

Your unaccredited and more affordable options are these options.

  1. Compass Classroom: Blending classical and Charlotte Mason methods, this program offers video lessons and quizzes for an engaging learning experience.
  2. Time4Learning: A comprehensive online platform for preK-12 students, incorporating fun and diverse teaching methods.
  3. Khan Academy: Renowned for adaptive learning, providing subjects through video lessons and interactive practice exercises.
  4. Schoolhouse Teachers: an open-and-go homeschool curriculum with over 10,000 video lessons and printable PDFs. They offer a great dinosaur program for Grade 1 Students.
  5. Apologia: These guys offer a creation science homeschool curriculum with online video lessons, some of which are LIVE.

Remember that anything that requires manpower (like LIVE lessons such as True North offers) will cost more. But, if a provider can give you access and it doesn’t cost them anything extra, the program will likely be cheaper.

Accredited Online Options

There are also accredited options. What does this mean?

It means your child has studied an approved course, and an institution has printed a certificate.

These are accepted by other schools (if you’re doing short-term homeschooling) or colleges (if you’re finishing high school homeschooling).

  1. Acellus Academy: Offering accreditation and a structured educational experience with cutting-edge adaptive learning technologies. This is one of the top secular online options today.
  2. BJU Press: Recognized for comprehensive resources, BJU Press provides a biblically integrated curriculum for homeschooling families. This is one of the top Christian homeschool curriculum programs around today.
  3. Other Accredited Programs: There are also K12, Veritas Press, and Abeka, plus many more options.

Of course, your accredited programs are priced at a premium, and you can find a homeschool program that’s much more affordable if you go with something unaccredited.


Comparing online homeschool curricula involves a holistic evaluation, considering flexibility, adaptability, available resources, and accreditation. Understanding your child’s learning style and preferences is paramount in navigating these options effectively. Real-time feedback, self-paced learning, and the overall structure of the curriculum play pivotal roles in making an informed decision. Armed with these considerations, you’ll confidently choose the online homeschool curriculum that best aligns with your family’s unique needs and educational goals. If you want more options, check out these top homeschool programs.

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