5 Star Wars Characters Who Use Yellow Lightsabers

Star Wars fans cannot wait for the release of ‘The Acolyte’ so they can visualize the iconic lightsaber action-packed scenes. Especially since The Acolyte will be featuring several lightsabers in their luminous glory. Yes, that includes the yellow lightsabers.

Yellow lightsabers have been a rare sight in Star Wars lore. On first thought, they are associated with the Jedi Temple Guards.

Yet before that, several prominent Jedi have held the yellow-bladed lightsaber. They have brought a deep meaning and understanding to the blade color.

However, the last Rey Skywalker appearance in ‘Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker’ remains a huge question mark. Her lightsaber debut was unconventional and left a massive gap in the Star Wars yellow lightsaber world.

Meaning Behind the Color

A kyber crystal reflects what the soul feels. The crystal will tell the true extent of an individual’s understanding of the force.

As a Jedi fan, it is natural to start with the Jedi origins. In the early Clone Wars era, the yellow color is strongly related to Jedi Sentinels. The sentinels are a mixture of consular and warriors. They are a special breed that possesses efficiency in all skills. The all-rounder Jedi holding the yellow blade symbolized intelligence in combat, fierce protectiveness, and deep connection to the force. 

On the other hand, Rey’s yellow lightsaber has opened a whole new galaxy. Due to her association with the Skywalkers as well as Palpatine’s heritage the yellow lightsaber could mean anything and everything.

Although, we have disclosed the answers to this mystery later in the article!

Yellow Lightsaber Characters

The answers may not be clear. We will have to look at the Star Wars history and study the characters that have been a part of the yellow lightsaber journey. They might give us a pretty clear indication about the future of the yellow lightsabers!

You will spot a lot of yellow lightsabers in the Clone Wars.

1.   Jedi Temple Guards

The ‘Jedi Temple Guards’ are the iconic wilders. Carefully chosen from ‘The Order,’ the guards fulfill their duty of defending the Jedi temple along with Jedi wisdom, contents, and sanctuaries.

These sacred Jedi places and objects hold secrets not meant to be given freely. Hence they are protected by the yellow pike kyber crystal lightsabers the temple guards brandish.

Furthermore, the yellow lightsabers serve as a covert way to distinguish and differentiate the temple guards from one another.

The multiplying guards take their job seriously. The monogamous yellow lightsabers are meant to confuse the attackers!

2.   Asajj Ventress

In Clone Wars a yellow lightsaber was discovered on another occasion when it was acquired off the black market by the bounty hunter Asajj Ventress. Originally, Will Nicholas, the director/actor, created it just for her persona. After the fans expressed their love for the character and the lightsaber. The yellow Asajj lightsaber was brought to the screens!

 Unlike the pikes of the Jedi temple guards, her lightsaber had a cylindrical hilt and was more akin to a blade. Asajj spent the remainder of her bounty-hunting career with her yellow lightsaber.

3.   Rey Skywalker

Yellow is generally connected with Rey Skywalker and her belief is first demonstrated in the Rise of Skywalkers.

 Despite being the grandchild of Palpatine, Rey never felt a connection to the family. She went on to fight Palpatine, resisting her fate. When a lady on the planet Tatooine inquired, she identified herself as a Skywalker and gave her name. So, when Rey Skywalker raised her lightsaber and an unmistakable golden hue emerged against the Tatooine deserts, it was a magnificent moment for many fans. The bright yellow instead of blue blade has created chaos among the lightsaber fanatics.

Perhaps her yellow lightsaber hints towards the fight against her destiny. Also, the universal color of hope suggests that Rey Skywalker will shoulder the burden of the last Skywalker standing successfully. Reflecting hope, loyalty, balance, and mystery.

4.   Ahsoka Tano

Asoka Tano used two green lightsabers before her unusual white saber. However, one of them was more yellow-green. The presence of yellow hue has an important meaning in Ahsoka’s life. The yellow blade reflects Ahsoka’s connection to the Jedi Order.

Her whole life is a big yellow cast. Ahsoka had a rough start and was sold as a child. Her constant shift between the dark and light side of the force eventually pushed her to independence. Ahsoka continues carrying the yellow lightsaber throughout the Clone Wars animated series and Star Wars Rebels. Showing hatred yet reverence for the light side.

5.    Luke Skywalker

Luke is known for his blue and green lightsabers. Many fans are not aware that Luke carried a yellow lightsaber temporarily. Luke’s yellow lightsaber was previously owned by Verla. 

However, there is one epic moment where Luke duels with the Grand Inquisitor using the yellow lightsaber. During the same time, his yellow blade was used in light dueling.

Additionally, the yellow Luke Skywalker lightsaber is mentioned in Charles Soule’s written Star Wars Webcomic and has artwork by Jesus Seiz.

Numerous yellow lightsaber riddles will be resolved as it recounts the “Unseen adventures of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and the Rebel Alliance.” One clue is the R.B. Silva drew a cover where a youthful Luke Skywalker brandishes a yellow lightsaber. Again in 2020’s sixth Star Wars issue, Luke was shown battling Darth Vader and looking for his misplaced lightsaber.

Hear me out!

Interestingly enough red and green mix together to give a yellow color. Could it be that the yellow blade is a balance between the two sides of the force?

Will it be the beginning of a new era?


Even though the yellow lightsaber is not fortunate enough to get a long screen time. In what short time it shared the lightsaber glowed with the glory of the actions and the characters.

The yellow saber has been a part of some historic moments and iconic Star Wars individuals. The meaning behind the yellow blade is clear now. The blade stands with the ones that are loyal, brave, and protective.

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