A Guide to Sustainable Fashion Fashion Made Sustainable

With humans consuming 400% more clothing compared to 20 years ago, it has become imperative that we switch to sustainability for the sake of our planet. As shoppers it is your responsibility to educate yourselves about being a more mindful and conscious shopper. This requires personal research to ensure that the brands you shop at are eco-friendly. If you prefer clothes like pret and ready to wear, pick sustainably focused collections such as  Maria B ready to wear. It would be even better if you read up on a brand’s ‘unstitched series’ as many brands aren’t as eco-friendly as they claim to be. Here is a guide on how you can actively play a part in this cause.

Quality Over Quantity

It has been overused a bit by now but the mantra “buy less and buy better” still holds true today. Buying a few sustainable and better-quality products is an active choice you are making as a shopper instead of buying cheaper alternatives that are harmful for the planet.

As a rule of thumb, whenever buying something ask yourself three important questions:

  • What are you buying and why?
  • What do you really need?
  • Will you wear it at least 30 times?

Don’t Be a Hoarder

Instead of hoarding clothes for every single season, invest in trans-seasonal clothing. Go for items that you would mostly wear all year round. Invest your money in basics, layer-able, and versatile pieces that would last you more than just a season.

Try Thrifting

Social media has made thrifting very easy and in fact, trendy. Always consider buying pre-loved pieces when looking for additions to your wardrobe. Personalize it by adding your own flair to it. In fact, very much like history, fashion also tends to repeat itself. There’s no shame in going vintage. Be a trend-setter. This will help greatly reduce your wardrobe environmental impact.

Know Thy Materials

It is essential to research and understand the impact of the different fabrics and materials on the environment to make sustainable purchases. Some materials are derived from fossil fuels and take decades to degrade. Perhaps not all natural products are created the exact same: normal cotton, as an example, employs significantly less water than old-fashioned cotton and doesn’t use dangerous pesticides.

Love Your Clothes Properly

Your clothes need love too. Make it a point not to over-wash your clothes; this will extend their life and lower their environmental footprint. It will also greatly impact water usage. If you want to invest in a cloth care tool, invest in a steamer. It is much gentler and kinder to your clothes compared to ironing. Not only that, but it will also drastically reduce your water footprint.

Give Your Clothes Another Chance at Life

Rather than throwing your clothes away to end up in a landfill, dispose of them in a manner which would give them a chance of having a second life. Be mindful and look at charities and organizations around you and donate to them. Most clothes can easily be reused and those that cannot are recycled in specific ways which do not increase your carbon footprint.

Sustainable Fashion Brands

Try supporting designers and brands that promote sustainable practices. Go for unstitched sale and cotton this summer. Eco-minded brands have become more aware of how instead of just reducing the impact on the environment, fashion can have a positive impact on it. They are opting for farming practices that help restore soil health and biodiversity.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is, as shoppers we need to be more aware of how our small to big actions have an impact on the environment. A sustainable wardrobe will probably search different for anyone . If you are going for a purchase and you are unsure of (sustainability wise), simply ask. Go to their websites, send a simple email to their customer service. Enough voices and concerns are bound to get a call to action. Get more clarity on their manufacturing practices. No brand is perfect, but many brands exist that are trying to be as sustainable as possible. Choose wisely.

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