How to Clone WhatsApp on iPhone?

Need help operating multiple WhatsApp accounts from your iPhone? Being limited by the absence of a native cloning feature? Tired of frequent logging in and out? It’s high time you made your messaging life easier. As many individuals now have to maintain separate personal and professional accounts, the absence of a clone option becomes a barrier. Do not worry, as there is a solution.

Through the use of third-party apps & techniques, you are able to clone WhatsApp on your iPhone quickly and without any problems, using just one account. Ciao to the hassle of having to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. Find out how to clone WhatsApp on your iPhone now to simplify your way of communication.

The Innovative FamiGuard Solution

Experience the utmost convenience and tranquillity with FamiGuard – the best WhatsApp monitoring app.

FamiGuard for WhatsApp:

Get a totally new look at WhatsApp, which is used on all Android and iPhone platforms, with FamiGuard for WhatsApp. This app, with marvelous monitoring abilities, will let you track more than 10 important WhatsApp metrics, giving you a deep understanding of your family’s Internet interactions. Besides deleted phone calls, synced records and even secret talks in the cloud, FamiGuard for WhatsApp runs anonymously and guarantees full confidentiality. So long to the uncertainty, and protect your family’s digital wellness with FamiGuard now.

WhatsApp on iPhone Cloning Guide

Step 1: Download and Install a Cloning App

Hit the App Store on your iPhone and search for a reliable cloning app like “Dual Messenger for WhatsApp” or “Parallel Space”. Download and install the app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Account Creation and Log in

As soon as you open the cloning app, you’ll be asked to create a new account. Enter your correct email address and set up a strong password. Once you have successfully registered, log in with your new credentials.

Step 3: Cloning WhatsApp

Inside the cloning app, find the setting to clone apps. Pick WhatsApp from the list of applications that you can clone. Follow the on-screen instructions and carry out the cloning process.

Step 4: Strike up WhatsApp Clone and Configure it

Once you have cloned WhatsApp, start by customizing your app’s settings to make it look different from the original. This includes adding an exclusive profile picture and changing the notification settings of the two accounts so that you can tell them apart.

After you clone WhatsApp on your iPhone, you will be able to use both accounts simultaneously, so the need to log in and log out will vanish. Benefit from easy management of multiple WhatsApp profiles simultaneously and track girlfriend WhatsApp with ease.

Remember privacy and security by regularly updating the cloning app and not sharing your sensitive information with your cloned accounts. Be always aware of possible risks to security and follow secure usage guidelines.

What Makes FamiGuard the Top Choice for Whatsapp Cloning?

Looking to catch a cheating partner? This is what makes FamiGuard unique.

Unmatched Security:

Sleep peacefully, knowing FamiGuard has your back with its stringent security regulations because there is no requirement for device jailbreak or rooting and 100% surety of virus-free operation. The child’s safety and your device’s integrity are well demonstrated.

Regular Updates:

Be one step ahead with FamiGuard’s dedication to innovation. Developers strive to master the latest market trends, thus providing you with updated tools tailored to effective digital parenting.

Seamless Compatibility:

Bye-bye to compatibility headaches! FamiGuard perfectly works on all iOS editions and Android devices, guaranteeing a successful operation on any smartphone, whether new or old, to enable remote monitoring.

Dependable Support:

Support is available at the click of a button through FamiGuard’s 24/7 customer support team. Whether you need installation guidance or help solving a problem, their experts ensure a seamless digital parenting experience.

How does FamiGuard stand against its competitors when it comes to cloning WhatsApp on iPhone?

Lock Screen:

Equip yourself with the know-how to regulate your child’s gaming time easily. Customize the time limits for all games to fight addiction, available in the FamiGuard user-friendly interface. Personalize your family’s boundaries with ease and make them suitable for your family.

Screen Capture:

Be well-informed and active about inappropriate content exposure. With a single click, you instantly understand what your kid is doing online. This feature ensures that all their online communication is well monitored so that they have safe internet interactions.

Call Filter:

Protect your child from spam calls using FamiGuard’s innovative filtering functionality. Keep track of their conversations and engage with trusted contacts only. Provide them full protection from cyber criminals who are ready to strike anytime over the Internet to safeguard them from online attacks.

Geo-Fence Feature:

Keep your child safe with FamiGuard’s Geo-Fence feature, which is in a class of its own. When they spend time away from home or school, worried about their health and welfare? Click the Geo-Fence to activate the virtual perimeter that encompasses any designated space. Be notified immediately when your child enters or leaves the specified zone, and to which you will have that peace of mind and reassurance.


In terms of ensuring your children’s safety online, FamiGuard will surely become your reliable platform. With features such as URL blocking, app monitoring, and real-time alerts, this tool allows you to actively protect your children from dangers on the internet. Its user-friendly interface enables you to tailor the coverage you need for your loved ones with just a few clicks. Please be confident that, as FamiGuard, we are making sure that your children will be protected online. Get up-to-date and well-protected with FamiGuard now!

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