The Ultimate Guide to the Ecommerce

Order Management Process

When your business is small, fulfilling orders is easy. But as you grow, things get a bit of a hassle. You get more orders from different places and might have more products to manage.

An order management system helps you handle all these challenges as your business grows. It ensures orders are processed smoothly and enables you to scale up without any problems. Let me explain how it works to make growing your brand more accessible.

What Is Order Management?

The process of receiving, tracking and completing customers’ orders is known as order management. This process is completed when a customer places an order and gets it.

The e-commerce order management system allows you to see and manage multiple customer orders in one place. Isn’t it interesting?

It ensures that the order the customer receives is in good condition, on time and precisely what the customer ordered.

Why Does Your Business Need Order Management?

The following are the reasons why your business needs to have accurate e-commerce order management for your business:

Prevents Overstocking And Under-Stocking

A management order system allows you to maintain a balance that prevents overstocking and understocking. When you have too much stock, it means you’re spending your penny on products that aren’t selling. On the other hand, if you don’t need more stock, customers might have to wait for items to be available again, or they would buy from someone else.

Prolog Fulfilment helps businesses keep track of how much stock they have and understand when they might need more or less.

Reduces Chances Of Mistakes While Fulfilling Orders

When you are shipping a few orders a day, you have to take the customer’s desired product, package it well, stick the shipping label and ship it. Therefore, it’s much easier to avoid fulfilment mistakes that way.

But you will likely make fulfilment mistakes when your DMS is bombarded with customer messages asking for deliveries, refunds, and other queries 24/7. These mistakes include shipping the wrong product and address and delayed shipments. This will, unfortunately, result in a decrease in the reputation of your e-commerce business.

However, with a proper order management system that consists of more automation, you will be able to avoid these mistakes. This will ultimately result in your already growing business reaching higher success. Prolog Fulfilment will help you grow your business by more automation and decreasing the chances of human error.

Prevents Time Wasted

When you do the whole order processing on your own, it might feel hectic at one point. There comes a point when you think there are better ways to use your time than managing inventory, packing orders, getting them shipped, and handling refunds. You must make amendments and have enough time on your plate to think about expanding your business. Then there comes third-party logistics (3PL), like Prolog Fulfilment at your aid! They ensure you get enough time on your plate while they complete the order management process for you.

Reliable Information

If your data is found in many places and needs to be properly managed, the process of managing orders becomes easier. Prolog Fulfilment helps you see everything happening within the system to avoid discrepancies.

Order Management Cycle

The following are the stages that constitute the order management cycle:

Order Placed

Different people from different places place their orders. In order to deliver them properly, you must have an order management tool that puts order details, shipping information, and delivery address into your system.

Order Received

The information of the placed order is then brought to the fulfilment centres where order processing comes into action. Prolog Fulfilment has a vast network of fulfilment centres and order management software that sends the order to the correct location.

Order Picked

When an associate picks the product or products from the inventory and delivers it to a place where packaging is being done, it is known as picking.

Order Packaged

In the packaging area, the order is packaged to ensure its complete protection. Prolog Fulfilment lets you use customised gift notes, branded packaging, kitting, marketing inserts and many other things.

Order Shipped

After all the above-described processes, the order is shipped. Prolog Fulfilment ensures you get your orders shipped faster and at reasonable prices.

Order Delivered

This is the cheerful time of this whole process when the customer receives the right order at the stipulated time.


Having a good system for managing orders is essential for your business. It helps everything run smoothly and keeps customers happy.

With order management software, you can keep track of all your important information in one place. This makes making smart decisions and getting orders right easier without spending too much money.

Prolog Fulfilment takes care of everything from picking products to shipping them out and handling returns. This frees you up to focus on making great products and growing your brand faster.


How does Prolog Fulfilment inventory management software work?

Prolog Fulfilment has good technology that helps businesses manage their inventory and orders. Their software makes it easier to handle the process of fulfilling orders. It thereby gives you a clear view of what’s being done. With Prolog Fulfilment’s software, you get all the tools, data, and reports.

What is the order management process?

When you place an order, the process of order management begins. Your order is first checked and processed. Then, the business or a company like Prolog handling the orders packs them and sends them out for delivery. They also create tracking information so you can see where your order is coming from.

What makes Prolog Fulfilment the best option for order management?

Prolog Fulfilment has incredible technology that helps you manage your orders easily. Their tools let you see what’s happening with your orders immediately and get all the important information about handling them.

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