Gaming Meets Education at Tech Gaming

The issue of games and violence is rather controversial. Some people believe that games have a perfect negative influence, whereas others tend to think that this is a waste of time. Even so, a new startup branded Tech Gaming Edu is exploring the plausibility of using video games and game design to raise the standards of education by introducing fun and effectiveness into the system.

Tech Gaming Edu designs games and simulations to be an immersive teaching environment for academic topics at the K-12 and college level. Either you are learning about photosynthesis by growing a plant through its different life phases or it’s the physics concepts that you are trying to master by building a rollercoaster, Tech Gaming Edu is changing the way that students learn and makes education fun and thrilling.

Immersive Learning Experiences

We believe that one of the great merits of video games is their capacity to create highly realistic and engaging environments that captivate students and help them to remain on track until the end. In contrast with a traditional reading medium using textbooks and lectures, interactive play is characterized by an active participation, the formation of solutions and also a quick wit. This allows them to develop critical thinking, as well as becoming good at memorizing information.

Partnering tightly with teachers so that the games are goal-oriented by aligning themselves with curriculums and still at the playable level is what explains the success of Tech Gaming Edu. Through this kind of learning games data-driven system the game also accommodates each student’s strong and weak points by adjusting the questions and challenges.

Real-world game design as a tool for the development of 21st century abilities.

On top of that, Tech Gaming Edu provides classes on game design which is a separate subject so that the students not only learn how to play games but also how to create them. Developing an exciting and engaging game necessitates a set of skills such as art, computer programming, writing, critical thinking, teamwork, and project management. Demand for videogame industry is getting bigger and bigger every day, so the new generation should possess game design skills to acquire jobs in the modern world.

Students have practical experience of using professional game making software to develop their own 2D and 3D games from the ground up. In the program we cover topics such as coding languages, mechanics of games, design of levels, graphics, meta world, and distribution of games. Playtesting, which students do by getting feedback, is another thing students learn how to do that. Incorporating improvement through iteration rounds their skills.

Encouraging STEAM Interest

With the use of gaming as a hook, the Tech Gaming Edu app can make a topical experience of subjects such as math, science and technology younger and more engaging for students to learn. Many teachers have acknowledged that the organization’s educational games provide much higher engagement and class participation rate than the traditional teaching methods.

As the Tech Gaming Edu team plans to carry out releasing new curricula for school subjects, a growing number of educational games will be popularized. In addition, they aspire to form tournaments where students can compete with game design creations. The startup will make a mark by blending business, academic, and entertaining platforms. Education level for the young generation will, therefore, be improved.

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