How Can Car Accident Lawyers in Queens Guide Me?

If an accident victim has sustained serious injuries due to the negligence of another party, you may be entitled to compensation. The other driver will be responsible for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To pursue compensation from an at-fault party, you need to file a lawsuit by consulting experienced car accident lawyers in Queens.   

  • Negotiating with the insurance companies

They will help to protect your right to recovery after the auto collision. Accident victims must also be careful what they speak before the insurance companies as any wrong statement may cause trouble for them.

Your lawyer will determine all the bad-faith insurance tactics used by the insurance companies such as providing you low settlement and denying your claim or using undue practices to delay the claim amount. If you have an accident attorney by your side, they will guide you on whether the insurance adjuster is offering you a fair settlement amount or not.

  • Filing a lawsuit before the deadline

As every state has a statute of limitations within which they must file a lawsuit, queens have a time of 3 years from the date of the accident. To recover the damages, the accident victim needs to file a lawsuit. A lawyer will help you to file a lawsuit according to the no-fault laws prevailing in Queens as victims can only file a lawsuit if they sustain injuries.

  • Proving another party’s negligence

To prove another party’s fault is a complex task. Therefore after filing a claim, you must prove that the defendant owes a duty of care and they acted negligently that caused the accident and injuries. A skilled lawyer will not only help you gather evidence of the at-fault party but will also prepare a strong defensive strategy to make your case stronger.

  • Investigate All Contributing Factors to the Accident

An experienced Queens Injury lawyer will investigate all the potential factors that contributed to the car collision. Initially, it may seem that there is no clear cause of the accident or there are multiple contributing factors such as poor road conditions, vehicle malfunction, and lack of proper signage. They may even work with accident reconstruction specialists to understand how the accident happened and its exact causes.  

  • Determine All Liable Parties

A lawyer who has expertise in handling car accident cases will analyze the contributing factors to identify the liable parties for compensation. Suppose, the at-fault driver may have been driving a company vehicle, the employer will bear the responsibility for the injuries. Sometimes, the accident may also happen due to vehicle malfunctions such as tire blowouts and others. In such cases, the manufacturer will also be partially responsible for the accident.

  • Help to handle hospital collectors trying to harass about medical bills

After the car collision, your focus must be on your health and recovery. Therefore, hiring a lawyer will help to handle all hospital staff if they are harassing you about medical bills. They will be informed about the pending claims that will put an end to the harassment.

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