5 Self-Care Strategies for Supporting Yourself While Raising Kids With ADHD

Raising kids is rewarding, but it can also be very challenging. There are so many issues that come with each stage of raising children including bullying, agreeing to too many activities, and having enough time to plan meals and appointments around work schedules. Learning to just let go can be a struggle, and this is a consistent theme at each stage of your child’s life.

The list of challenges goes on. Unfortunately, if your child has a diagnosis of something such as ADHD or anxiety, the challenges can be even more. While you can find the best over the counter meds for ADHD child to help your child, it’s essential to take care of yourself so that you can be at your best to help your child. Take a look at some strategies you can use to support yourself while raising your child with ADHD.

1. Self-Care Activities

Help yourself first. You may have anxiety, especially when it comes to your child with ADHD. You can try over the counter anxiety medication to help you focus so that you can be there for your child. Include self-care activities such as eating healthy and getting enough sleep daily. These may seem trivial, but they are critical to helping you feel your best and, therefore, enabling you to be patient with your child.

2. Manage Your Stress

Your stress can wreak havoc on not only your life but also the life of your child, particularly one with ADHD. You may have more stress with your child if you don’t manage it upfront. Take a warm bath, do yoga or meditate. Choose the best options for you to help reduce your stress.

3. Plan Exercise Time

Exercise is a great option for your physical health, but it can also do wonders for your mental health and mood. It can even help you sleep better, all of which will benefit your child with ADHD. Scheduling this time is important so that you can try to prevent skipping this time. Put it on the calendar and don’t miss your me time.

4. Find Support

Be careful not to isolate yourself. You don’t need to face this obstacle by yourself. Seek help from therapists, your child’s teacher and their doctor. Support groups may also be helpful so that you can talk with others that have similar experiences.

5. Schedule Break Time

Just like you should schedule time for exercise, you should set time aside to take breaks. If you don’t add breaks to your calendar, you may skip them. Find a babysitter, maybe a friend or family member, to stay with your child and do something for yourself. Go shopping or read a book. Have lunch with a good friend.

There are many steps you can take to help your child with ADHD. You can useĀ Brillia medicationĀ or create a schedule for your child. But the first step should be taking time to take care of yourself. When you help yourself first, you can be a better support system for your child.

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