PUBG Mobile Teams Up with SPY×FAMILY!

Players will have the chance to win a range of rare products, such as the regal Thorn Princess and ethereal Twilight sets, during the event, which is scheduled to run from April 12 through May 12.

These thematic elements not only add a fresh perspective to the game but also provide players with unique items that showcase their achievement and skill.

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For a more comprehensive understanding of the organization and what it involves, Tencent’s press discharge gives extra subtle elements, advertising an in-depth see into the complexities of this key collaboration.

SPY×FAMILY anime comes to PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is working with SPY FAMILY to bring spy activity to the war zone. 

LONDON – April 12, 2024 – PUBGM is starting a new collaboration with the anime SPY×FAMILY from today until May 12. The partnership brings SPY×FAMILY items and sets for players, along with a new rewards track.

SPY×FAMILY is a popular Japanese anime and manga series about a spy named Twilight. He’s trying to keep peace between rival nations Westalis and Ostania. To reach his Ostian target, Twilight starts a family as Loid Forger and sends his “child” to a top school. But he doesn’t know his adopted daughter Anya can read minds and his new wife Yor is a skilled assassin. These three, hiding their true identities, hold world peace in their hands.

New Rewards Track

PUBG Mobile and SPY×FAMILY are also excited to introduce a brand new themed rewards track. After activating the system with a one-time UC expenditure, players will unlock tasks to earn points towards additional SPY FAMILY rewards, with the coveted SPY×FAMILY-themed Dacia vehicle skin available as an immediate reward.

Once level 20 of the reward path is reached, PUBGM players can choose as a reward the set of their favorite character: the SPY×FAMILY Twilight set or the SPY FAMILY Thorn Princess set. In addition, reaching level 20 unlocks a unique reward in the form of a chest, which players can open for the chance to acquire the prestigious SPY FAMILY Bond airplane. Players who collect all the SPY×FAMILY items and sets will receive an exclusive reward, including a themed social player card, an avatar, and an avatar frame.

The collaboration of PUBG Mobile and SPY×FAMILY is accessible from April 12, until May 12.


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