Genshin Impact: All Lost Grimoire Locations

Genshin Impact Version 4.6 allows players to explore a variety of underground locations, including the Faded Castle. This empty ruin contains eight Genshin Impact Lost Grimoires, which are required to open hidden chambers containing priceless treasures. The most recent feature, the Symphony skill, allows players to pause certain moving objects, which is necessary for catching flying books. Gathering all Lost  Genshin Grimoires unlocks the Loved By Books achievement.

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Lost Grimoire Locations In Genshin Impact

There are a total of eight books spread out across the area. When you encounter a flying book, simply get close to it and press the Elemental Skill button (T key on PC) when the Symphony skill is activated. This should stop the book in its tracks, and it’s ready to be picked up. You’ll need to start from the middle of Faded Castle to find each of these eight books on your Genshin account. There’s a Teleport Waypoint here that you can travel to to begin looking for the lost books. Let’s look at their whereabouts!

First Lost Grimoire Genshin Impact

You can find the first Genshin Grimoire on a ledge near the Statue of Marble and Brass boss. To reach it, ascend the nearby slope and glide towards the ledge.

Second  Genshin Impact Lost Grimoire

Once you’ve collected the first Lost Grimoire Genshin, return to the entrance and continue descending the stairs to reach the Faded Castle: Exhibition Area, where the Legatus Golem boss resides. At the bottom of the stairs, you’ll notice an arrow pointing towards a Chest and another Lost Grimoire nearby.

Third Lost Genshin Impact Grimoire

Venture further into the Faded Castle and retrieve the Lost Grimoire floating near a small harp. Since there’s no nearby bookshelf, players must proceed to the secret study in the southern part of Faded Castle: Middle Level. In this area, players will also discover the Damaged Music Score needed by Tailleferre in Genshin Impact.

Fourth Genshin Impact Lost Grimoire

When players enter the secret study, they will uncover the fourth Lost Grimoire among the benches and tables. Pick it up and climb the stairs to restore it.

Genshin Impact Fifth Lost Grimoire

Once you reach a floor with no more stairs and encounter a Crystal Mechanism, disregard it for the time being. Instead, proceed to the end of the floor to discover the fifth Lost Grimoire flying next to a bookshelf.

Sixth Lost Grimoire Genshin Impact

Return to the Crystal Mechanism and activate it to summon blue platforms. Utilize these platforms to ascend to the highest part of the area. Adjacent to the bookshelf, you’ll find the sixth Lost Grimoire.

Seventh Lost Genshin Impact Grimoire

Proceed to the Faded Castle: Lower Level. Players will discover the seventh Lost Grimoire in Genshin Impact near the water alongside the stairs. As the bookshelf for this one is distant, players must travel to the Faded Castle: Upper Level to return it to its rightful place.

Final Genshin Impact Lost Grimoire

The final Lost Grimoire in Genshin Impact can be located near the theater, hovering above the wide stairs at the center of the Faded Castle.

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