Learn How IgAnony Works At Backend

IgAnony has become popular as a tool that lets users watch Instagram Stories anonymously. Although its front end is easy to use and works well, there is some magic behind the scenes where complicated processes and technologies are combined to make this feature work. In this article we are going to discuss more about what happens at the back end of IgAnony for people who want to view Instagram stories without being identified.

Understanding the Architecture

At the heart of IgAnony is a client-server architecture, which means there are two sides involved in its operation. Users interact with an interface called ‘the client’, while a server processes requests and retrieves data about Instagram Stories. Normally IgAnony’s client-side would be a web application or mobile app whereas the server side would consist of web servers, databases and APIs working together.

Interaction with the Instagram API

When you input an instagram username in IgAnony website, the client application on the user’s end sends a request to a server side api seeking stories linked to that particular handle. The server acts as a middleman between IgAnony and Instagram servers where it helps IgAnony to fetch stories by making necessary requests to instagram apis.

Authentication and Authorization

For IgAnony to be able view stories from instagram as well as fetch them from their api, it must authenticate itself with instagram and get authorized. This is done through a protocol known as OAuth (Open Authorization) which allows IgAnony access user’s instagram account without revealing their credentials while still being able do anything the user could have done if they were accessing through their own account. After that has been achieved, IgAnony becomes capable of pulling out posts stored on insta servers without revealing who made the request for them.

Stories Processing and Displaying

The server-side API processes the Stories upon receiving from Instagram’s servers to ensure that they have been formatted correctly and are ready for display on the user device. This might involve resizing images, converting video formats among other tasks essential in optimizing them for viewing as Stories.

Anonymity Ensured

IgAnony has a special feature that allows people to watch Instagram Stories without being known. In order to achieve this; IgAnony conceals the user’s IP address together with any other identifying information thereby keeping their viewing private and anonymous. Various methods do this including routing requests through proxy servers while encrypting data to avoid unauthorized access to systems.

Security and Compliance

It is necessary for IgAnony as a service interacting with Instagram’s API to abide by its terms of service besides ensuring user’s data security. Among some actions taken would be putting measures against unauthorized entry into systems as well as breaches towards information technology security threats. Also igAnony might need to adhere to data protection regulations such as GDPR governing personal information handling.


To sum up; IgAnony has a back-end that is complex and combines client-server architecture, authentication, API integration plus data processing to enable people to view Instagram stories secretly. Understanding the working environment of IgAnony helps us realize how intricate but at the same time innovative this tool can be.

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