4 Reasons You May Be Breaking Out

Skin is one of those things that many people are uhappy with. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and so is the case with many peoples complexion. Some people may be frustrated with their skin’s dryness, while other people are dealing with the opposite problems— acne. 

Breakouts can be frustrating to say the least, especially if you have no idea why they got started in the first place. 

The good news is that by recognizing what’s causing them, you can hopefully eliminate the problem and work your way towards a clearer complexion. If you’re in the middle of a breakout, then here are some potential reasons that may be causing it.

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When you are in an extremely hot environment, your skin tends to sweat quite a bit. This is your body’s natural reaction to heat as it tries to cool itself down. However, when you’re constantly sweating, your skin doesn’t have time to dry, and  an result in your pores getting clogged with dirt and other particles. Unless you have an air conditioneryou may just have to withstand the heat and ultimately end up getting a breakout.

Although you can’t necessarily control the weather, you can control your skin habits.  In extreme circumstances avoid wearing make up, always wash your face. Try to avoid touching your face, this can make your even worse.


Once in a while, our hormones go through changes, which can ultimately affect our skin. More often than not breakouts happen during our menstrual cycle, or during puberty. 

Try to stay patient and remember that hormonal fluctuations come and go, and eventually they should level themselves out again. In the meantime, stick to healthy skin habits, like washing your face, and avoiding touching your face when your hands are dirty, and your breakout will calm down.


Remember when your grandmother used to tell you that chocolate gave you pimples? While that wasn’t exactly right, in a way it is! Eating too much sugar will cause an insulin increase, and often result in a breakout. 

Instead of eating large quantities of sugar, try to limit yourself. Eat a balanced diet, full of plenty of fruits and vegetables, and reduce the amount of sugar that you take on a daily basis. Thank you for this, but also overall physical health.


You’d be surprised what stress can do our bodies. While acne may not seem like something emotionally related, the truth is that when you’re stressed out, you’re stress can take form physically!

Try to reduce your exposure to stress if possible, and remember that getting enough rest and reducing stress is essential if you hope to stay healthy.

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